Save Money with… Our Automated Chemical Dispensers

Our chemicals are higher quality and more effective, yet you still save money, as they are measured for a perfect solution by our automated dispensers.  There’s no random pouring or spilling.  See the Savings in your Bottom Line!

Save Money with… Heavily Concentrated Chemicals

Save up to 85% by choosing Concentrated Chemicals over Ready-Made Solutions.  Then get the perfect solution with your very own on-site automated dispensers. It’s the secret to saving!

Save Money with… Better Equipment

Better Equipment means getting the job done in half the time, and Saving on Staff Salary.  Our Specialized tools and high powered machinery have proven to pay for themselves in savings on staff salary in under a year.  The savings then pile up over the years for the duration of the lifetime of the equipment.

Save Money with… Foaming Hand Soap Dispensers

This newest, simple dispenser has gained rapid widespread popularity.  Our Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser is now saving money on hand soap and hand sanitizer for hundreds of customers.

SCHOOLS Save Money on… Wax, Sealer, and Stripper

There are many ways for schools to save and why not save more?

  • Save on Sealer with our 2-in-1 Waxing!  2-in-1 acts as both Wax and Sealer.  A heavy duty product, it is resilient to even the heaviest school traffic.  So you never have to purchase or apply a separate Sealer again. Quit paying for two products – you can get the same results with one!
  • Save on Wax and Stripper with our Brand New Burnishing Program!  Using a higher quality product as well as our all new burnishing program, allows you to strip and replace ONLY ONE layer of wax at a time, and get even better results than with the standard three layers. This one guarantees BIG SAVINGS!

Bonus!  You’ll be saving time on application.  Start TODAY!


You’ll never know…

  • How much MONEY we can save you…
  • How CONFIDENTLY you can pass inspection…
  • How we can keep your CLIENTS coming through the door…
  • How much better your employed staff can perform…
  • How HAPPY you can keep the tenants at no additional cost…



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