What’s included in an initial consulting session?

An initial consultation includes the following: a visit by one of our chemical specialists to your facility; a recommendation for equipment, chemicals, and procedures; and a quote for the products and dispensers you will need to keep your facility clean and running smoothly. In addition, it includes access to Jacob by phone or email during regular business hours for any additional questions or concerns that might come up.

How much do I pay for an initial consulting session?

The first consultation is provided FREE of charge.

Will someone come to my business to see how we operate and what we need?

One of our chemical specialists will come for an initial consultation free of charge. He will tour your facility thoroughly and send you his recommendations. In addition, our customer service representative will come by periodically to make sure the equipment and dispensers are running smoothly and to field any additional concerns or questions that might come up.

Can I get a reference?


References are available at your request. We have helped many clients streamline their clean-up and pass their inspections, and they will be happy to share their experience with you.


Product FAQ

How do I reorder a product?

Call 845-558-9541 during business hours to speak to customer service professional.

Email service@whitewinginc.com with your order any time.

What is your Return policy?

White Wing Commercial Cleaning Consultants backs every product with 100% risk-free money back guarantee. If any product does not meet your expectations return it within 30 days at our expense.

What is a hospital grade disinfectant?

A disinfectant that has proven efficacy against pseudomonas, salmonella, and staphylococcus according to specific EPA protocol. White Wing offers: Quat Stat, AF79, PH7Q

Can a disinfectant be a substitute for a cleaner?

No. Filth and heavy soil must be removed before applying any disinfectant. Soils may interfere with the normal disinfectant’s properties. There are however products that are both cleaners and disinfectant. White Wing offers several good choices: PH7Q, AF79

What is the difference between antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic?

They are very similar. Antibacterial refers to an agent that inhibits the growth of bacteria. Antimicrobial is similar except the agent also may inhibit the growth of fungi and viruses. Antiseptic refers to an agent that inhibits the growth of bacteria in or on the body. All antibacterial handsoaps are also antiseptic. White Wing offers the following: Clario Foaming Hand Soap.

How long will a sanitizer keep a food facility sanitized and safe?

A professional-grade sanitizer is active for approximately 8 hours. White Wing offers: Sanibet, Divosan Spectrum Quat Sanitzer

What is Bioactive Solutions?

Bacteria that continue to work for you! BioActive Solutions are safe and efficient cleaning chemicals formulated with live bacteria that naturally create enzymes, to digest FOGs (fats, oils, & greases) providing a long lasting result. White Wing offers: BioActive Solutions Push Drain Maintainer, BioActive Floor Cleaner And Spotter, BioActive Solutions No Rinse Floor Cleaner, BioActive Solutions Urinal Toss Blocks, BioActive Solutions Drain And Grease Trap Treatment, BioActive Solutions Dock n Dumpster

What is the recommended shelf life for cleaning chemicals?

One year



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