A Clean Hotel is an Inviting Hotel where guests keep coming back for more…

White Wing can help your hotel earn another star by improving its cleanliness.  We make effective cleaning faster and easier, all the while helping you save on cleaning products, and equipment.

Using the right cleaning chemicals for each area in your hotel is the key to bringing your hotel to a whole new level.  White Wing utilizes the latest in modern technology to make it your hotel gleam!  Our superior quality Concentrated Cleaning Chemicals in our Automated Chemical Dispensers, make cleaning so much easier, while giving you noticeably cleaner results.  These are also so much more cost effective than standard detergents.  In addition we offer high powered equipment that do twice the job in ½ the time!

Your Guests’ Happiness is Your Priority


Let us help with our

Nearly Invisible Cleaning Program

In a hotel, where there are constantly guests milling about, it’s a challenge to effectively clean the facilities without being an underfoot nuisance to your treasured guests. 

  1. First, get the job done twice as fast our high powered equipment.  (Also helping you save on cleaning staff salary.)
  2. Second, Drop the Mops and Buckets TODAY!  Your cleaning staff will go nearly unnoticed with our burnishers that leave your floors clean and dry.  What’s more, our small area cleaning equipment, with options of battery or plug power, are especially clever at making your Hotel sparkle right under their noses.

Lure Your Guests by their Sense of Smell

The true power that our sense of smell plays in every experience has been scientifically proven.  A clean and appealing fragrance will attract guests, and bring your hotel to a new level of luxury. 


White Wing can help you achieve a WELCOMING FRAGRANCE throughout your hotel.


Inviting Restrooms

Don’t underestimate the effects of a pleasant restroom experience!  Let a White Wing Professional train your custodial staff, and provide you with our superior Disinfectants – Concentrated Chemicals in our highly popular Automated Chemical Dispensers, followed with  our Refresher Dispensers. A sure way to keep guests returning!

Delightfully Clean Carpets and Couches

Neglected carpets turn visitors away and filthy, foul smelling couches are repulsive.

In contrast, cleaned and refreshed carpets and lounge chairs give their surroundings a delightful aura; they are relaxing and inviting.  White Wing’s high powered vacuum cleaners, bacpac vacuum cleaners and carpet washers give hotel’s the results they need – to give their guests the visit of their dreams. In addition, our superior concentrated carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning chemicals do wonders for odor and stain removal!  The results speak for themselves.



Give Your Guests a Lavish Dining Experience – On CLEAN Dishes and Cutlery!

Sink Dish Washing

Get Comfortable with Our Sink Station Dispensers Washing Dishes has never been easier, simpler, and more cost effective, than with our Sink Station Dispensers for your 3 compartment sinks. Get the right amount of detergent and sanitizer, exactly where you need it.

Dishwasher Services

Experience White Wing Dishwasher Services!

  • Professional INSTALLATION
  • Quality DETERGENTS
  • & Expert REPAIR
FREE! Expert dishwasher recommendations – according to your specific needs

Call White Wing TODAY for a free on-site consultation.

Expect wonderful improvements for your school!

Additional Products You May Need

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  • How much MONEY we can save you…
  • How CONFIDENTLY you can pass inspection…
  • How we can keep your CLIENTS coming through the door…
  • How much better your employed staff can perform…
  • How HAPPY you can keep the tenants at no additional cost…



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