A Healthy Student is a Happy Student

There’s so much traffic of precious little (and big) people on school floors and bathrooms.  Up keeping the cleanliness and hygiene can be quite a challenge, yet is imperative for the health and wellbeing of our students. 

Using the right cleaning chemicals in the correct measure is the key to making your educational facilities sparkle!  White Wing utilizes the latest in modern technology to make it easy, safe, and cost effective for you.   In addition we offer high powered equipment that do twice the job in ½ the time!

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Brand New Burnishing Program

Why is it that our schools have the shiniest floors at half the cost and in a fraction of the time, while other schools are still dragging behind? 

Our all new burnishing program strips and replaces only one layer of wax, which also acts as sealer.  Although having quit the old (and fast becoming outdated,) three layer stripping, three layer waxing, plus sealer, our schools get a high gleam polished look by using a superior product that is resilient to even the heaviest school traffic.

2-in-1 Waxing

Our HARD AS NAIL wax, acts as a wax and sealer in one.  Our schools have cut Sealer out of their budget for good – and so could you!  In addition, applying only one product makes the job take half the time, saving our schools money on staff salary!

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