Squeaky Clean Facilities Made Easy

Utilizing Cutting Edge Technology. Plus! Save Time and Money! Guaranteed.

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Squeaky Clean Facilities Made Easy – Utilizing Cutting Edge Technology

Plus!  Save Time and Money!  Guaranteed.


See the difference with White Wing!


Get ready for a delightfully clean site, and a simplified cleaning experience!

A White Wing Cleaning Specialist takes the time to get to know the specific needs of your facility.  We customize a cleaning solution that’s twice as effective, saving you time, energy, and always – money.


Get set for success!  Be confident about the hygiene and the clean.

Have a White Wing Professional install our exclusive, hi-tech automated dispensers, complete with the necessary chemicals.  Let us train your custodial staff to handle the janitorial successfully – freeing you up to concentrate on your business.


The going gets better with White Wing’s gratis customer service!

A White Wing Service Professional frequents the facilities of all participating clients regularly to inspect the dispensers, check chemical and supply inventory, and to consult with your staff to ensure smooth sailing.


Yes, you read correctly!  In today’s day when all you can get free is the air you breathe, we still offer a great range of FREE SERVICES to participating clients.


Regular – Satisfaction Check – Visits


Chemical Dispenser Repairs


On-Site Evaluation of Cleaning Needs (no obligations)


Staff Training and Guidance


Dishwasher Recommendations




White Wing is always mindful to be kind to planet earth.  There are so many ways we can make a difference to the planet, preserving what is good and wholesome in our world for our children and future generations.


WhiteWing Cleaning maintains quality in everything we do! Our primary objective is keeping our customers happy. We use the best equipment, technologies and chemicals. This ensures that we provide the best service for our clients.


 Our chemicals are higher quality and more effective, yet you still save money, as they are measured for a perfect solution by our automated dispensers.  There’s no random pouring or spilling.  See the Savings in your Bottom Line!


For the convenience of our customers, we carry a full line of high powered equipment, just so they don’t need to bother with additional sellers and suppliers.  All our equipment are top quality goods sold at the most competitive rates, only to participating clients

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in an initial consulting session?

An initial consultation includes the following: a visit by one of our chemical specialists to your facility; a recommendation for equipment, chemicals, and procedures; and a quote for the products and dispensers you will need to keep your facility clean and running smoothly. In addition, it includes access to Jacob by phone or email during regular business hours for any additional questions or concerns that might come up.

How much do I pay for an initial consulting session?

The first consultation is provided FREE of charge.

Will someone come to my business to see how we operate and what we need?

One of our chemical specialists will come for an initial consultation free of charge. He will tour your facility thoroughly and send you his recommendations. In addition, our customer service representative will come by periodically to make sure the equipment and dispensers are running smoothly and to field any additional concerns or questions that might come up.

Can I get a reference?


References are available at your request. We have helped many clients streamline their clean-up and pass their inspections, and they will be happy to share their experience with you.



You’ll never know…

  • How much MONEY we can save you…
  • How CONFIDENTLY you can pass inspection…
  • How we can keep your CLIENTS coming through the door…
  • How much better your employed staff can perform…
  • How HAPPY you can keep the tenants at no additional cost…



Unless you call for a FREE Initial Consultation