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Boast About Your Clean Kitchen

Besides being essential for efficient production, a clean kitchen is necessary for passing inspection on compliance with Health Regulations.  The amount of grime and grease generated in a place where FOOD reigns supreme makes it a challenge to keep surfaces sparkling.

The key to safely eliminating germs while food production keeps rolling is using the right cleaning chemicals in the correct measures.  White Wing has the products and the know-how to keep your surfaces gleaming at all times!   Let a White Wing Cleaning Consultant guide your staff – FREE OF CHARGE – and pass inspection every time with flying colors!

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Bio-Active Chemicals

You can cancel the grease removal trucks TODAY, and stop scrubbing!  Our Bio-Active Chemicals are live bacteria that ingest the grease from your grease traps.  What’s more, White Wing’s automatic dispensers allow you to virtually forget about them as they drip happily upon your unsuspecting grease.

Sink Dish Washing

Get Comfortable with Our Sink Station Dispensers Washing Dishes has never been easier, simpler, and more cost effective, than with our Sink Station Dispensers for your 3 compartment sinks. Get the right amount of detergent and sanitizer, exactly where you need it.

Dishwasher Services

Experience White Wing Dishwasher Services!

  • Professional INSTALLATION
  • Quality DETERGENTS
  • & Expert REPAIR

FREE! Expert dishwasher recommendations – according to your specific needs

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